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To act in a world whose problems seem overwhelming requires being able to use the powers of critical and creative thinking and compassionate and inclusive care. Employing these tools, adults and youth alike can work effectively and conscientiously to solve problems big and small, global and local.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nonviolence Interview on PRI's The World with Srdja Popovic- 6 mins.

Visit The World (Public Radio International)  and take 6 minutes to listen to an informative and inspiring interview with Srdja Popovic. He helps us see nonviolence as powerful and viable. While not mentioning it by name, he includes references to Swarthmore College's Global Nonviolent Action Database demonstrating the effectiveness of nonviolence in numerous past and current revolutions. There are wonderful opportunities to teach about nonviolence here.  See my Memorial Day blog for more information on these valuable resources.  

In this interview (Srdja Popovic Defends Non-Violence When Toppling Dictators | PRI's The World), Popovic mixes historical references and current events as he discusses the importance of nonviolence in Syria.  Program description from PRI: "Social movements advisor and former activist, Serbian Srdja Popovic speaks with Marco Werman about Syria and his insistence on keeping social movements non-violent."

September 21st is the International Day of Peace.  Heads up, teachers!  Play the interview, debate the pros and cons of nonviolent action.  Then, send kids to the database and have them teach classmates about past and present nonviolent revolutions around the world.