By teaching our students to think, care, and act, we empower them to build a peaceful future.

Welcome to Think, Care, Act, where teachers and students can find rationales and resources to infuse required curricula with peace, character, global, and multicultural concepts throughout the year.

To act in a world whose problems seem overwhelming requires being able to use the powers of critical and creative thinking and compassionate and inclusive care. Employing these tools, adults and youth alike can work effectively and conscientiously to solve problems big and small, global and local.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coming soon: A new book by Susan Gelber Cannon

Think, Care, Act: Teaching for a Peaceful Future
Committed to teaching for peace and justice, the author brings to life a teaching approach that empowers youth:

• to think critically and creatively about historical, current, and future issues,

• to care about classmates and neighbors as well as the global community,

• to act—locally and globally—for the greater good.

Think, Care, Act: Teaching for a Peaceful Future is readable, practical, conversational, and intimate.  It will inspire readers to build a just and peaceful world.

Think, Care, Act depicts the daily successes and struggles a peace educator undergoes in encouraging students to envision peace and gain tools to build a culture of peace. The author uses three imperatives—think, care, act—to infuse required curricula with peace, character, and multicultural concepts in daily activities throughout the year.  Chapters address critical and creative thinking; media and political literacy; compassionate classroom and school climate; explorations of racism, gender issues, civil discourse, global citizenship, war, and peace; and school, community, and global social-action projects. Chapters include rationales, lesson expectations, and classroom “play-by-play.” Students’ feedback about the impact of lessons is also featured. With its combination of theory and practice Think, Care, Act is unique. It will motivate teachers, education students, and scholars to employ “think, care, act” frameworks to empower students to build a peaceful future.

“Peace can be taught in practically every discipline if teachers truly concerned about the fate of this planet and its inhabitants have resources like this book to guide them…. [Cannon’s] sophisticated understanding of how to address these complex issues will help other teachers choosing to grapple with these difficult challenges.  If more teachers follow the guidelines she provides in this book, every student can learn about peace.”

Ian Harris, Author of Books, not Bombs;
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; from the Foreword

 “The writing is excellent: passionate and personal, blending serious content with an engaging, reader-friendly style.  This is an important book—for character education and all of education.”

Thomas Lickona, Author of Character Matters;
Director, Center for the 4th and 5th Rs;
Co-Director, Smart & Good Schools Initiative;
State University of New York-Cortland

A volume in Peace Education from Information Age Publishing
Series Editors Ian Harris, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee,
Edward J. Brantmeier, James Madison University, and Jing Lin, University of Maryland

IAP - Information Age Publishing, PO Box 79049, Charlotte, NC 28271    Web and bulk discounts available:

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